Immediately Available

Please be advised that while we have vacancies and a small waiting list of applicants for the following properties, processing applications takes time.

This means that even if your household is qualified, the verifications and documents we require to provide housing take time to complete and receive from organizations.

Additionally, we are receive and send out applications daily, so one of the properties listed below may no longer have an available vacancy.

Caribou - North Ridge: 34 units total – (1) 1 bedroom apartment, (23) 2 bedroom apartments, (2) 2 bedroom handicap accessible apartments, and (8) 3 bedroom apartments
Conventional and Family Property
Fort Fairfield - Northern House: 24 units total - (19) 1 bedroom apartments, (1) 1 bedroom handicap accessible apartments, (3) 2 bedroom apartments, and (1) 2 bedroom handicap accessible apartment
Elderly Property
Mars Hill - Mars Hill Manor: 32 units total – (28) 1 bedroom apartments, and (1) 2 bedroom apartment, and (3) 2 bedroom semi-handicap accessible apartments
Family Property

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