Hillside Park

Family Housing
33 Prosepect St
Dexter, Maine 04930

Within these 24 units, 22 have rental assistance and 2 are basic rent. Basic rent is $601-$828 for a 1 BR apartment and $636-$863 for a 2 BR apartment. (Rents as of 1\1\2018)

Electricity, heat and hot water are the resident’s responsibility. Please note the average cost of these utilities is taken into consideration when determining the rental amount. Now utilizing energy efficient HEAT PUMPS!

Section 8 vouchers welcomed on basic rent units! Contact Maine Housing at 1-800-452-4668 to apply for a voucher.

Units: Hillside Park

Number of Bedrooms: 1

Spacious 1 bedroom apartment will full kitchen equipped with stove and refrigerator. VOUCHERS WELCOMED! Rent starts at $591 (as of 1-1-15). Utilizing energy efficient HEAT PUMPS. Please be aware that design and unit feature may vary per unit.

Number of Bedrooms: 2

Each unit has private entrance. Bedrooms and bathroom on 2nd floor. Utilizing energy efficient heat pumps. APPLY NOW! Please be advised that design and unit features may vary per unit.